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Fireplace Resurfacing Revitalizing a fireplace can be an affordable way to elevate the appearance of your home. This process can include cleaning, degreasing, and priming the current finish before applying a fresh coat of paint or mortar. It typically takes several days to complete and may require multiple layers to achieve the desired outcome. One option to consider is painting your fireplace, which can give it a modern look and also protect it from heat and other external factors. Another option is using mortar, specifically the German Smear technique which can add a charming, rustic aesthetic to a plain brick wall. This technique, originating from Germany, involves spreading a wet mixture of mortar onto the surface of the brick and then wiping it off before it dries to expose some of the brick, giving it an "Old World" appearance. Another consideration for your fireplace is the mantel. Refinishing the wooden mantel can make an immediate impact on a room, especially as it is often the focal point. This process can be accomplished by using gel stain, paint or glaze to revitalize it. The same techniques that are used to refinish any other piece of wooden furniture can be applied to a fireplace mantel.
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